Scalp MicroPigmentation Australia, Brisbane:

Re-gaining confidence for our clients is exactly why we choose to become Scalp MicroPigmentation practitioners. Creating the appearance of a full head of hair changes our clients not on the outside, but the inside too. Giving back lost confidence to both men and women experiencing hair loss is why we love being a Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioners. Over three sessions we create the appearance of a full head of shaven hair or create the look of a denser head of long hair using our specialised cosmetic hair tattoo technique. The cost of SMP is discussed further down our page.

Brisbane is such a lovely part of Australia with its warm sunny weather for most of the year. If you are considering being treated in Brisbane or flying into Brisbane for your procedure, we have medical suites located in Camp Hill not far from the Brisbane city centre. Camp Hill location is run by the well-known Cosmetic tattooist and Beauty Therapist Anita Gardso.

If you are considering staying in Brisbane Queensland during the SMP Procedure process, we can suggest accommodation close by to Brisbane to make the process easy and comfortable.

Anita sees clients from all over Queensland who choose her to complete their transformations. Queensland is a huge state of Australia and has many cities that start in the south such as Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, MacKay, Cairns and Port Douglas. These coastal cities vary in population and are vastly spread. Because the climate in North Queensland is tropical with high humidity for half of the year, many females choose to have permanent make-up to enhance their features as the weather can affect make-up especially in the wet season. It is the same for our male clients. Unfortunately, hair loss leaves few options when the weather affects styling techniques usually used for those in the lower states of Australia where the weather is cooler. Using hair systems/wig/toupee is extremely difficult as the perspiration, glue and tapes makes it very difficult to keep the piece in place and looking natural. Using hair thickening fibres also become difficult as some of these brands colour can run with sweat and high humidity.

Hair transplants are still an option for those who wish to go down the surgical path however Scalp MicroPigmentation is fast becoming the most popular choice amongst men wanting to create the appearance of a full head of shaved hair. Short hair and shaved hair are both a popular hair length and style in northern Australia as it is clean, easy to maintain and suites the warm Brisbane climate perfectly. However, there is only a handful of reputable cosmetic tattooists who are trained to a high standard in the art of SMP. Those who have a creative artistic flair and who excel at drawing make fabulous SMP practitioners as this is a highly artistic procedure. Their touch in SMP needs to be light and gentle for this delicate procedure. Consultation tip – Make sure you see some art of theirs or see lots of before and after results to make sure you are confident in their ability to create you a soft, natural and realistic hairline.