Scalp MicroPigmentation Australia (Preston) Bookings & Enquiries.

For the many men and women across Australia suffering from hair loss, baldness or scarring there are limited treatments options that are inexpensive and straightforward.

However, there is one affordable hair restoration option that is convenient and offers a great range of benefits including:

Realistic and lifelike hairlines
Long-term solution to hair loss
Affordable & flexible payment plans
A 100% success rate

Your restored confidence.

This is achieved through the practice of Scalp MicroPigmentation which uses tiny needles that implant pigment – similar to cosmetic makeup tattooing and body art tattooing. The needles make small impressions that imitate stubble that need re-touching every 3-5 years.

With the artistic ability of our practitioners, we can achieve very soft and natural hairlines using this technique.

SMP Treatments

Every client is treated with their own unique procedure. However, typically we:

There are four main types of Scalp MicroPigmentation.

Short Hair Scalp Micropigmentation – for those who either shave their scalp with a razor blade or clipper their hair very short.

Long Hair Scalp Micropigmentation – for both men and women – this technique involves tattooing the pigment amongst long hair to give the look of fullness.

Scar camouflage – from either hair transplant surgery, scalp reductions, alopecia reductions, flap or transverse flap procedure, hairline advancement, hairline lowering procedure, forehead lift, facelift scar camouflage, burns to the scalp, trauma scars and scarring alopecia.

Alopecia – Scalp Micropigmentation is truly one of the quickest and easiest ways to camouflage hair loss in these clients. Alopecia comes in many forms and can quickly take hold and can be difficult to reverse. We recommend doing all you can if you reverse alopecia if it begins, fast action is needed by GP/Dermatologist that specialises in alopecia to have the best chance or regrowing hair. As this is an autoimmune disorder, alopecia can be looked at from both a holistic view as well as a medical viewpoint. We are here as a last option to camouflage the scalp as a full head of shaven hair should the outcome of re-growing hair be unsuccessful.

Country and Interstate Clients

Every client is treated with their own unique procedure. However, typically we:

  • Start with your free consultation about the procedure. Addresses any questions that you have
  • Show you some ‘before & after’ pictures of the results we have achieved for past clients
  • Discuss at length the look you are after
  • Create a professionally designed simulation of you to see what you would look like after the treatment
  • Once you’ve decided to proceed with your treatment plan, we work with you to determine the best payment option and schedule your appointments